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Xiaohaitang is a member of Beijing Fortis Food & Beverage Management Co., Ltd., which specializes in authentic authentic Cantonese cuisine. It insists on quality first and service first, and is committed to creating a new Chinese food brand that is easy, convenient and precise. It not only guarantees the unity of Xiaohaitang's brand image, but also is eclectic. Personalized management follows the concept of "exquisite Cantonese cuisine" in brand selection and development. Cantonese cuisine, or Cantonese cuisine, is one of the four traditional Chinese cuisines and eight cuisines and originated in Lingnan. Cantonese cuisine consists of three local flavors, Guangzhou cuisine (also known as Guangfu cuisine), Chaozhou cuisine (also known as Chaoshan cuisine), and Dongjiang cuisine (also known as Hakka cuisine), each of which has its own characteristics. Cantonese cuisine is on par with French dinners all over the world. Since the number of overseas Chinese in Guangdong accounts for 60% of the country, most Chinese restaurants in the world are mainly Cantonese. Cantonese cuisine has a long history and its origins can be traced back to the early Han 2,000 years ago. Long before the arrival of immigrants from the Central Plains, Lingnan ancestors had a unique diet style. Guangdong's products are particularly rich, readily available, and cooked and eaten, resulting in a fresh, fierce eating habit. With the historical changes and dynasty changes, the Central Plains immigrants continue to move southwards, bringing the Central Plains diet style of "don't hate the fine, eat the fine". The long years have allowed Guangdong to inherit the tradition of the Central Plains food culture, and to gather the essence of foreign and all aspects of cooking, and then continue to absorb, accumulate, improve, and innovate according to local tastes, hobbies, and habits, thus forming a dish. A variety of dietary features with exquisite cooking and high quality. In the past 100 years, it has become one of the most representative and most influential food culture in the world.
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