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SOLANA is located on the northwest lake shore of Chaoyang Park, Chaoyang District, Beijing. Its European-style buildings constitutes an exotic commercial town.
SOLANA officially opened in December 2008, is the most unique and exclusive Lifestyle Shopping Park in Beijing. After 11 years of persistence and accumulation, nearly 500 brands have been brought together. SOLANA has become a fashionable shopping mall in Beijing, also a popular entertainment and leisure destination, and a dining center that gathers world cuisine.
The upgraded SOLANA will be dedicated to high-quality families and fashion elites, creating a better shopping environment and a richer brand portfolio to meet more consumer choices.
Mall Map
How To Get Here
No. 6 Chaoyang Park Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing China
+86 10 5905 6663 / 6668
Option 1
Take 2km east from Yansha Bridge of East Third Ring, then arrive after 300m south of Haoyun Street intersection.
Option 2
Take 2km west from Dongfeng North Bridge of East Fourth Ring, then arrive by 300m south of Anjialou intersection.
Option 3
Arrive by 500m north of the west gate of Chaoyang Park.
Option 1
Take 600m east from Subway Line 10 Liangma Bridge Station to Chaoyang Park Road (HaoYun Street), then arrive after 300m south. Or transfer to Bus 419 at Yansha Bridge East, and get off at Zaoying North Station, then arrive by 200m north.
Option 2
Arrive from 300m north of Subway Line 14 Zaoying Station.
Option 1
Take Bus419, Bus421, Bus682, Bus985 and get off at Zaoying North station, then head 200m north to arrive.
Option 2
Take Bus402, Bus413, Bus418, Bus419, Bus421, Bus682, Bus701, Bus985, Bus107 and get off at Anjialou Road Station, head to Chaoyang Park Road (Haoyun Street) and turn 300m to arrive.