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Over the past 35 years, COMF-PRO has focused on the research and development and manufacturing of children's household products, among which children's books, tables and chairs are the core products, which can meet the needs of children of different ages in learning, painting and other scenes, and assist children to sit correctly, so as to avoid the generation of hunchback and myopia. COMF-PRO brand insists on using global high quality components to serve global users. Since its establishment, it has obtained international honors such as Swiss SGS safety certification, TUV rhein certification, American FSC certification and Japanese silver award. Now COMF-PRO has gone to about 40 countries and regions in the world from Taiwan, China, extending from an assisted sitting chair to a Japanese medically assisted learning table and chair for psychosomatic disorders, and from a growing table to an American school work table. COMF-PRO not only provides products, but also conveys parents' strong love for children through products.
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