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WE’RE SERIOUS ABOUT MAKING BIKES. NOT SO SERIOUS ABOUT RIDING THEM. Found in 1993, in San-Diego, California, Electra remain true to its’ founding philosophy; combine creativity, innovation, design and attention to detail to build the best bikes possible. Electra founders believe, bikes have the power to add something special to everyday life. FEEL THE ELECTRA DIFFERENCE. Electra was awarded US patent #8136828 for inventing a completely new type of bike that provided an improved level of comfort and control. It was named Flat Foot Technology® and to this day provides an upright, relaxed riding position with proper leg extension that also lets you drop your feet flat on the ground without leaving the saddle. First bike, where Flat Foot Technology was performed, was Townie bicycle, which from 2014 till this day hit top of the sales charts as a best-selling city bicycle in the US. And Electra didn’t stop there. In 2013 Electra Townie Go!, went on to win Gear of the Year award from Outside Magazine as well as the Red Dot Award for e-bike of the year. In 2015, in the never-ending effort to bring the highest quality bikes to market, Electra updated the Townie Go! by partnering with Bosch. In 2020 Electra are going even further, opening new store in the capital of Chinа — Beijing. We always seeking our ways to perfection. That is why, throughout all the benefits, for our clients in China we also happy to provide: free lifetime warranty on the bicycle frame and free lifetime technical service. Because «good» isn’t good enough for us. Join Electra Family. Because You Rock. Let’s Roll!
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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