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Since 2015, IBEETUBE has been committed to exploring the factors that inspire children's expressive language skills, the relationship between language expression and children's leadership, and IBEETUBE has upgraded the traditional children's expressive language education and training. The following elements have been integrated: "Practical training - with a professional studio and studio", "V+T" specialized curriculum teaching - no more boring rote learning for children ", "Children's Leadership Seeding Course - divided into 5 stages of scientific system curriculum, placed in the leadership characteristics of the curriculum", "language expression characteristics of the curriculum - 4 major curriculum system. The curriculum is no longer limited to the mundane language expression curriculum but is scientifically based on the development of language expression. IBEETUBE has a strong teaching R&D team and a technology development team, and has developed its own children's language expression VR real-life teaching system, special courses, remote systems, national language teaching teacher service system, etc.; IBEETUBE firmly believes that every child can have outstanding language skills and strong leadership qualities.
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