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International top children's wear collection brand "BEBELUX" : since its establishment, it adheres to the positioning of elegant luxury, exquisite and comfortable to lead children's fashion. BEBELUX has introduced a number of international children's wear brands with luxury positioning and high-end quality, such as: Kenzo Kids, which is creative, with fresh and happy appearance of fabrics and bold and bold use of colors, known as "Color Magicians"; , from well-known Italian luxury brand Versace, and children's clothing line of high-end European adult clothing brands such as EMPORIO ARMANI and MOSCHINO. "BEBELUX" presents the world's first line of luxury children's clothing to customers, allowing children to enjoy the happiness of growth in the colorful world interwoven with childlike colors.
135 2060 3269
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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