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Founded in 2015, little oasis is the ultimate partner to families through the early years, making it a happier, more pleasurable experience for the whole family with a holistic approach to early childhood education. Through an integrated lifestyle framework, our team of specialist work together on every detail to create beautifully propose-built spaces that is educational, inspiring, playful and caters to the early developmental needs of children. The education pedagogy at little oasis focuses on the holistical and overall development and empowerment of children through spaces & programmes that is age-appropriate, engaging, playful and super fun! We believe each child is unique and during the early years, the importance of family and community plays a vital role in their early educational needs. Our spaces includes services such as playground, cafe, early learning programmes, mini-spa, library services and family dining. The group now consists of 9 locations with 3 brands. The little oasis family clubs, caters to families with children between 0-6 years old (club located in Parkview Green, Hopson One, Solana), the little sister brand The Playroom (Indigo) and the newly opened family entertainment space, EATORY by little oasis, in Beijing Fun. We seek to continue to expand nationally in the near future. Relax. Connect. Powered by Play.
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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