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EA.BEAUTY CENTRE is a large beauty chain company founded in the early 1980s. For more than 30 years, it has been committed to pursuing the improvement of service quality. With its strong financial strength, scientific management system, advanced development concept, and international advanced products and services, it has continuously developed and become a famous brand in China's fashion and beauty industry. Focusing on the cause of beauty and spreading the concept of beauty, EA.BEAUTY CENTRE carries out projects including slimming, postpartum repair, skin repair, and exquisite beauty. Under the guidance of professional beauticians, tailor-made high-quality beauty programs for each guest, make the instrument play a greater role, make the ugly girl "greatly transformed", and make the beauty "add icing on the cake." Based on China and looking at the world, EA.GROUP continuously introduces the world's advanced slimming and beauty equipment, which brings surprises to beauty lovers and is unanimously praised by people from all walks of life.
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