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Meet Fresh is a Taiwanese dessert chain specialty store, established in 2007, inheriting the traditional Taiwanese persistence and production methods, using high-quality fresh ingredients, taking natural health as the principle, freshly cooked and sold, Meet Fresh is "traditional refined" In line with the concept of "rich and changeable modern taste", Meet Fresh constantly upgrades the store environment to create a comfortable six-star dining environment for consumers. The store design with retro fashion sense is popular with consumers. After the opening of the first store, Meet Fresh kept improving its craftsmanship and repeatedly catering to customers until no one was picky. The requirement of "refinement" naturally brings good popularity, and good quality is also praised by people. Since the store opened in Taiwan in 2007, it has been endlessly praised; based on the principle of letting more people enjoy desktop desserts, it opened a store in mainland China in 2009; then it gradually entered Australia, Malaysia, Japan, Vietnam, United States, New Zealand, Canada Table-top desserts go international and provide delicious food for more people. Opening a global branch and not forgetting to pay attention to quality is the reason why Meet Fresh is popular and creates a tabletop gourmet miracle. Meet Fresh follows the traditional method of kneading, cooking slowly, letting the ingredients exude the authentic flavor, and fusion with innovation, presenting a rich and varied delicate dessert with modern taste. Meet Fresh was founded by sisters Fu from Taiyuan, Fengyuan. Because they grew up in Fengyuan, Taichung. Fairy grass and tender traditional bean flower.
Open Time
10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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