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Beijing Tianyu Jinghua Food & Beverage Co., Ltd. was founded by a young team. Since the establishment of the food and beverage company in 2011, it has created 4 brands, wood forest garden restaurant bar, food in the field, fresh food, pioneering Mexican food bar. Over the past 8 years, the company has built on the innovative gastronomical characteristics of operation, with the satisfaction of service as the guarantee, and strived to build a new era of catering culture in the new catering industry. The company is devoted to creating the highest-quality gourmet places, combining traditional large-scale western food with other domestic and foreign special catering to form a unique shop-in-shop model to meet the different needs of different consumer groups. Professional team, high-end personalized decoration, extremely friendly service. All the time, the perseverance and innovation of gastronomy have wonderfully interpreted the supreme state of gastronomy. The creation of a gourmet culture is not only about the excellence of dishes, the magnificence of the environment and the perfection of services, but also that she understands food, tastes food and art food. It integrates the essence of world cuisine and gathers the creative spirit of hundreds of rivers, so that everyone who comes to the restaurant can experience the true meaning of the world of food. Today's wooden restaurant is accumulating greater energy and expanding into a wider space and a wider field!
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