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RED CLOUD RESTAURANT is based on Michelin standards to create product reputation, one store, one scene, one dream, each store has its own subtlety, and the city is very different. Selected restaurants are located in cities, and they only shop in first-tier big cities with strong consumer strength, ensuring brand style and maintaining consumer expectations and curiosity: I will long for me if I do n’t see me. 2011-2019: Eight years of experience in brand operation. We have grown steadily. We have worked diligently on product design, quality control and cost control in three aspects. It has been quite effective: Shanghai Beijing Volkswagen Review Ranking No. 1 in Yunnan and Gui Cai Hot List, Beijing Net Red Restaurant First place. Huoshaoyundian stores are different. Each store follows the brand style and has its own taste. It is completely different from the thousands of stores in the chain restaurant. It strives to operate each restaurant with Michelin standards to create dreams for diners. There is no innocent love in the world. Huo Shao Yun believes that the product is the first productive force. No good product. No brand, no big and complete. Huo Shao Yun discards all the old impressions of Yunnan cuisine, as long as the strongest brand style , Strong and exotic, not small and fresh, not Lijiang and gourd silk. Only the most distinctive Dai cuisine dishes have unique and wild tastes, and are specially created for the heavy-taste people: copper pot series, garlic series, border snacks and other product lines, specializing in the unforgettable "Xia Mei" product positioning, The market acceptance is high, not only rare in Yunnan dishes, but also extremely sticky. The brand's food taste is irreplaceable and "addictive". Pay close attention to customers' taste, and launch explosive models according to the needs of customers on different sales platforms. "Maintaining high-quality and high-quality products" is Huo Shaoyun's first requirement for chefs. The menu is updated twice a year to bring everyone a new taste experience. In order to maintain the wildness and spirituality of folk dishes, the chef updates the menu every time. All must go back to Dehong to collect local customs. If you want to touch all kinds of Yunnan ingredients, the shortcuts are the vegetable market, village streets, mountains and fields. The ingredients have changed, and the local ingredients of Huoyunyun are airlifted from Dehong. The finest food will always grow in the land that belongs to it. There is no semi-finished product processed by the central kitchen, only the hand-made by the back kitchen. Guests coming to Huo Shao Yun can eat the fireworks of Dehong.
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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