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WOFCARE brand originated in Hamilton, New Zealand. Through in-depth research on Asian head shape and hat wearing habits, it not only retains the essence of European and American baseball caps, but also adds elements of exclusive Chinese cultural temperament to create a world-class boutique hat brand. SWOFCARE constantly integrates new art forms and inspiration elements, injects art, culture, fashion, sexuality, life, cool and energy into each hat decoration, interprets life philosophy and detail art with design, achieves a perfect balance between quality and aesthetics, and meets the dual needs of people pursuing classic, practical and popular beauty. "Design for free time" is the solagan of SWOFCARE. The design of each product adheres to the "5E" concept, that is Attractive, Creative, Lifestyle, Upgrade and Exclusive, so as to meet the diversified wearing needs and make more wonderful moments happen in the free journey. At present, headwear business involves baseball caps, beanie hats, bucket hats and other multi hat accessories.
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