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VGO (威高) is VICUTU men's clothing brands, with gray fashion belongs to Beijing science and technology co., LTD., is committed to the modern urban male with more creative and quality of clothing choice, geared to the needs of independent thought, willing to accept new things, don't blindly follow for tide, but for the attitude to life is the pursuit of new middle group, will be the primary standard quality as a measure of all things. "HAVE MORE YOU SHOW" is the core concept of the brand, as well as the pursuit of connotation conveyed to young people and their attitude towards life. With the continuous innovation of the fashion young men's wear market in the past five years, from the initial rise of personalized Chinese style designer brands, to the emergence of new men's wear brands with light luxury and minimalist style, the fashion men's wear of modern style has gradually become the mainstream of consumption. VGO emphasizes the design style of "concise, creative and practical", and presents the best state through materials, technology, design and wearing experience, etc. It provides fashionable, simple and cost-effective clothing series for men who pursue fun in dressing and express their individuality.
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