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“Xiachufang” is an Internet company founded in 2011. It is now the first Chinese food media with 70% market share. It has 250 million users in the whole country, and its user viscosity is much higher than that of similar products. The number/activity of users is Top1 in the field of food. Solana Store is the first offline store under“Xiachufang” Brand. It integrates retailing, cooking teaching/experience, food appreciation at home and abroad, offline user interaction and other functions. There are three main areas in the shop. Retail area: A collection of selected kitchens and cooking products from all over the world, from infants to adults, from novice cooks to gourmet cuisine, you can find your own "kitchen selection". Characteristic area: The selected food exhibition with regional theme is regularly replaced. Experience area: Provide specialized and customized food teaching, not only experience, but also add a benefit of life skills.
Open Time
10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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