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Backbone International Youth Physical Fitness Education, established in 2012, is an educational research institution focused on providing 2.5-12 year olds with physical fitness training and customized customized camp services. We exercise to improve children's physical fitness and solve problems at the current stage of children's growth and development, such as: obesity, round shoulder hunchback, thinness, and stunting, and at the same time extend children's soft strength, such as self-confidence, perseverance , Challenge ability, leadership, teamwork ability, emotional intelligence, self-analysis problem-solving ability, etc. In the very crucial stage of human body and character building, lay a good foundation, develop exercise habits, self-restraint and constant self-improvement habits, to face the changing world environment in the future, and create more possibilities for their life in the future.
Open Time
10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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