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Simplify from complex to simple In the impetuous city, return to the true nature of service. The true beauty comes from simplicity. The beauty of over-decoration will always be reduced to an illusion. Carley respects the rules of art from simplicity to beauty. Through continuous training, it fully meets the needs of customers and customizes your beauty exclusively! Carley is a styling platform that integrates high-quality services such as hairdressing, beauty, costume matching, and educational aesthetic centers. With its unique artwork and exquisite professional skills, it has conquered many celebrities, fashion icons, and high-end people, and has quickly become the most sought-after trend gathering place in Beijing. "Carley" is a kind of quietness that reminds ourselves at all times, and it is also a life attitude that our brand advocates the need to return. At Carley, we pass on the simple appreciation of beauty and the devotion of beauty.
Open Time
10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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