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JUVA started in 2009 with the concept of providing "safe, effective" and "fashionable and convenient" beauty and medical beauty services and products to the public. It focuses on skin beauty and is committed to becoming a private skin beauty doctor around you. JUVA not only has its own diagnosis and treatment system, but also focuses on the innovation of combination therapy. Ouhua has successively developed the ELEEN system (for comprehensive skin management), neck show series (specifically for neck care), SMILE Xin eye series (specifically for eye care), Cinderella series (specifically for body whitening) Professional medical beauty project. Meet the different needs of customers and implement personalized beauty skin. As a professional cosmetic dermatology, Ouhua provides urban white-collar women with cost-effective, light-luxury medical and cosmetic services. Through unremitting efforts to stand out, it is highly respected by urban women.
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10:00 am — 22:00 pm
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